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Congenital Factors Associated with Schizophrenia

Events that affect the mother or fetus during pregnancy increase the risk that the child will eventually develop Schizophrenia later in life.   Examples of such events include [ref, ref]:

  • Psychological stress and trauma experienced by the mother during pregnancy
  • Obstetrical complications of various sorts, including diabetes, Rhesus incompatibility, bleeding, preeclampsia, premature rupture of membranes, preterm birth, and lack of oxygen at delivery
  • Malnutrition of the mother during pregnancy
  • Exposure to viral infections during the second trimester of pregnancy
  • Low birth weight of the newborn [ref

Having an older father also increases a person's chances of having Schizophrenia, perhaps because there are some changes to the genetic information that occurs in the semen of older men [ref].


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