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Causes of Depression

Although there is still much that remains unknown, the causes of Depression are becoming better understood.  Because Depressive Disorders are so common in the general population (see Course), these conditions may very well be an exaggerated form of an otherwise normal stress response.   However, this does not explain why some people and not others suffer from Depression.   Moreover, the fact remains that Depression is still one of the most significant causes of disability in society [ref] and treatments are often necessary. 

It is now recognized that an interaction between various genetic factors and difficult and traumatic events early in life can cause a person to develop a tendency to react negatively to all future stressful events in their life.  This occurs through the normal process of learning and as a result of changes that take place in the brain.   A person in this situation is then much more likely to experience a Depressive Disorder in their lifetime.


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Genetic Causes