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Bipolar I Disorder

According to the DSM-IV-TR, to be diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder all that is required is that the person experience at least one Manic Episode or one Mixed Episode in their lifetime. 

Although people with Bipolar I Disorder will often experience multiple episodes of Depression, Mania and Mixed states, the diagnosis of this condition can be made on the basis of a single Manic or Mixed Episode.   The fact that a person will experience one Manic or Mixed Episode suggests that they will most likely experience additional episodes of Major Depression, Mania, Hypomania or Mixed Episodes in their lifetime (see Course of Illness).  

If a person's only Manic or Mixed Episode was one that was triggered by an antidepressant, then a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder cannot be made. However, in clinical practice an antidepressant-induced Manic or Mixed Episode suggests the strong possibility that the person has a Bipolar Disorder [ref].


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