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Associated Conditions (Comorbidity) of ADHD

People with ADHD are at high risk for experiencing other psychiatric disorders.

Anywhere from a third to half of all children and adolescents with ADHD will also have a Disruptive Behavior Disorder, and this tends to be more common among individuals with the Hyperactivity-Impulsivity Type of ADHD [ref].

Just under a third of all children and under half of all adolescents with ADHD will have experienced Depression at some point in their lives [ref]. Depression in childhood and adolescence is often part of Bipolar Disorder [ref], and Mania can be detected in about 10% of children and a quarter of adolescents with ADHD [ref] (see here for tips on distinguishing the symptoms of ADHD from Bipolar Disorder). Adults with ADHD are also at high risk for having Mood Disorders [ref].

Rates of Substance Abuse are also very high among adolescents and adults with ADHD [ref]. Adolescents with ADHD tend to experiment with cigarettes and drugs at earlier ages than their peers, and individuals with ADHD tend to maintain their addictions for longer than people without ADHD [ref].

Anxiety Disorders occur in about a quarter of individuals with ADHD [ref]. Tic Disorders are also more common among people with ADHD than in the general population [ref].


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ADHD in Adulthood