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Alcohol, more precisely called Ethyl Alcohol or Ethanol, is perhaps the oldest psychoactive substance known to humankind, having been used for thousands of years and in most cultures of the world. It is consumed in alcoholic beverages like beer, wine and spirits. The desired effect is a sense of calmness, a reduction in one's inhibitions, and also a feeling of wellbeing.

American statistics show that about 90% of people will try alcohol. Of these, about 15% go on to develop alcohol abuse or dependence at some point in their lives [ref]. In any given year, close to 5% of the population suffer from alcohol abuse, and close to 4% are dependent on alcohol [ref].

How Alcohol Works

Regular Alcohol Use

Alcohol Intoxication

Effects of Longterm Alcohol Use

Alcohol Withdrawal

Effects of Alcohol Use During Pregnancy

Lab Tests for Alcohol Use

Treating Alcohol Abuse and Dependence


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How Alcohol Works